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Photography for me started at a young age, when I wanted to learn about what home meant to my family. As an immigrant, I came to Canada with very little. I have very few photos of myself or my family history. Not having much to look back on and learn from, I decided to take it upon myself to fill the gap. I began creating and capturing memories for myself and my family. My two youngest sisters are born in Canada so I wanted to make sure they had what I did not. I took photos of them and us playing. I created styled picnics for us to photograph. Growing up, I went through many cameras (I broke a few and I lost one),

but I never gave up. My passion for capturing special moments was something that was personal. I eventually decided to invest in proper equipment and practice before I would consider sharing my passion with friends, family, and beyond. Until this day, I take workshops every year to learn from the best in the industry. Professional photography is somewhere I feel the most comfortable. I love to hear peoples stories, share laughs and tears, embark on new friendships, and share all milestones with clients who commission me for each of their special moments. I am based in Vancouver, BC but I am available to travel as far as your love may go or be. I'm so excited you're here and I would love to be apart of your journey! 

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